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About Our Brand

Designs that add beauty to your home and rituals.

The contrasting elements between high-precision machined metal and the natural hand finishing of semi-precious stone, have been an inspired combination for the Exclaimed Kate brand.

We partner with manufacturers who align with our strong values of fair and safe work practices for their people and, who understand our desire to keep plastics and all waste to a minimum. Our machining partner is proudly operated under female leadership, which is rare in this industry, while our natural stones are all sourced ethically and handled by our global craftsman, finished by hand, in his small family business.

Exclaimed Kate was launched in 2019 and based in Brisbane, Queensland. 

 About Kate

Kate is an interior designer with over 15 years of experience working in the design industry. Driven by aesthetics and at times had to buy for, Kate's husband (an Industrial Designer) has over the years designed and custom made her gifts. One of these unique gifts was the iconic Jewellery Box, a gift that felt too special to not share and so Exclaimed Kate was launched.