our story

Our Brand

We founded Exclaimed Kate on a gift too special not to share. Designed to be just as precious as what it contains, I received the very first Gold and Rose Quartz Jewellery Box as gift from my husband after I commented on the disconnect I felt about placing my fine jewellery pieces in low quality fashion items at my bedside.

We are inspired to continue to share our designs and believe that the joy of giving and receiving something truly unique and meaningful is what turns a gift into a keepsake.

"I Love It" - Exclaimed Kate x


Our Collections

The contrasting elements between high-precision machined metal and the natural hand finishing of semi-precious stone, have been an inspired combination for the Exclaimed Kate brand as we grow our collections.

We partner with manufacturers who align with our strong values of fair and safe work practices for their people and, who understand our desire to keep plastics and all waste to a minimum. Our machining partner is proudly operated under female leadership, which is rare in this industry, while our natural stones are all sourced ethically and handled by our global craftsman, finished by hand, in his small family business.

Proudly new locals on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.