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Exclaimed Kate____
A new Australian brand.

My most loved and treasured possessions are the one-off items my husband has custom made and gifted me over the years. Being an interior designer, I am continually on the hunt for unique designs that inspire me (I think this makes me hard to buy for, hence the husbands' effort). So when he asked what I wanted next to be made, I reflected on my ritual of choosing and wearing my fine jewellery pieces, ear stacks, and necklace layers.

Reflecting Michael’s industrial skills and my passion for all things pretty and thoughtful and crystal, he gave me the very first Jewellery Box. It was the weight and the unique nature of the gift that was something so special and it was at this point I just knew that others would love it too.

We started Exclaimed Kate in 2019 to share our iconic Jewellery Box and have since added collections with the desire to add beauty to your homes and rituals.

We are so grateful that as we have shared more, you have loved and followed along. We cannot wait to continue to create more timeless keepsakes for you and your loved ones (especially the hard-to-buy for ones!).

Kate x

“I love it” exclaimed Kate.
And I hope you do too.