our story

Exclaimed Kate is new Australian brand that is redefining jewellery storage.
Showcasing the beauty of natural semi-precious stone contrasted with high-precision machined metal, our designs are just as beautiful and considered as the precious things they hold.

My most loved and treasured possessions are the one-off items my husband has custom made and gifted me over the years. So when he asked what I wanted next I reflected on my ritual of choosing, wearing, and storing my fine jewellery pieces. I wanted a keepsake that reflected Michael’s industrial skills and my passion for natural materials.  

After receiving the very first Jewellery Box it was the weight and the unique nature of the gift that was something so special. The quality and weight feels so great in your hands and the polished semi-precious stone is stunning and cool to touch.

It was at this point I just knew that others would love it too.
Exclaimed Kate is an extension of my style and the desire to surround myself with beautiful things. My hope is that others will connect with our designs.

“I love it” exclaimed Kate.
And I hope you do too.